The Dog Walkers Edit Part 3

The Dog Walkers Edit Part 3

We got in touch with our Dog Walking friends to get to know their businesses, we quizzed 5 professional Dog Walkers to find out a little more about them and their amazing jobs! In PART ONE we got to catch up with Amy and Sophie - you can read more hereIn Part 2 we caught up with The Woof Pack managed by Saz & Milo - you can read more here

Today we are catching up with Emma owner of 6 dogs & manager of Angel Dog Walking in Brighton 

Angel Walkers |

How did you get into dog walking?
Had a career change idea one evening at the pub and thought it would be the best idea seeing as how much I love dogs and how many I have of my own!

What type of services do you offer?
Group walks, 1-1 walks, dog sitting, pet pop ins, pet feeding

What does your day to day schedule look like?
Wake up, breakfast, walk my own dogs, 3 work dog walks, quick lunch in between, home, clean the house, fitness class, walk my own dogs again

Tell us your must haves when walking?
Poo bags!!! Hand sanitiser!! Dog treats!!! Dog whistle !!! Water for dogs!!

Best part of the job?
How rewarding it is seeing the tired dogs after a long sociable group walk together! And hearing how grateful all my clients are

And the worst part of the job?
The worst part of the job is when everyone says you’ve got the best job in the world without realising half of the stuff that actually goes into dog walking, all the admin, all the behaviour issues, helping each do to their own individual needs, etc

If you weren’t a dog walker what job would you have/like?
If I wasn’t a dog walker I think I would definitely do something to do with social media, marketing kind of thing!!


You can find Emma on Instagram here

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