The Dog Walkers Edit part 1

The Dog Walkers Edit part 1

We got in touch with our Dog Walking friends to get to know their businesses, we quizzed 5 professional Dog Walkers to find out a little more about them and their amazing jobs! In PART ONE we got to catch up with Amy and Sophie, Norfolk and Leeds based Dog Walkers...

Maybe you are interested in learning how to become a dog walker, or finding out what it takes, here's what we found out... 

Norfolk Paws Pet Services Ltd  |

Meet Amy, the pack leader & registered Veterinary Nurse who has come out of practice to put you and your doggies needs above all. Owner of two Dobermans, Apollo and Pink!

Location: covering walks for Norfolk and Suffolk

How Did you get into Dog Walking?
I just love walking and working outside. I love dogs so much too! 

I am a veterinary nurse and wanted to be my own boss and just have a relaxing time working, so I started dog walking 🤗

What type of services do you offer?

- Dog walking - Norfolk and Suffolk
- Home boarding
- Doggy day care
- Wedding day dog care - UK coverage

What does your day to day schedule look like?
Get up! Normally around 4-5am!
Make myself a coffee and feed my dogs and any dogs boarding.
Walk my dogs and boarding dogs.
Get myself ready for the day!
Start dog walking. Or if we have doggy day care, our other walker Bex will be out dog walking, and I’ll go collect the day care doggies and spend the day with them until it’s time to drop them off home!
We have lunch times snacks for me and the doggies!
Dog walking starts around 7 and finishes at 3 (sometimes we go on later!).
Day care is 8 or 9 - 5 or 6

Then in my evenings I clean bowls, blankets and sweep up. Feed all the dogs again (and myself!)
Reply to emails and get on socials and go to bed!!

Tell us your must haves when walking?

POO BAGS! I get through so many poo bags.
Also you must have a dog walking bag to put poo bags, keys, treats, water and balls etc in.

Whats the best part of your job? 

I love being with dogs all day every day. And being outside rain or shine!

And the worst part? 

Admin! 🤢 I hate being sat in front of a computer

If you weren't a dog walker, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t a dog walker I would go back to veterinary practice or become a veterinary nursing lecturer

Find Amy on Instagram @norfolk_paws or get in touch



Sophie’s Paws LeedsFacebook

Meet Sophie, the solo owner of Sophie Paws Leeds, based in West Yorkshire. Owner of two gorgeous dogs, Luna a Beagle mix who is 3 years old and a Dachshund mix called Porki who they think is 10 years old!

Location: Burley, Hyde Park, Headingley, Kirkstall and Bramley

How Did you get into Dog Walking? 

I got into dog walking during the first lockdown as it helped my puppy (Luna) get the socialisation that she needed , then when I went back to work full time during my days off I would still do dog walks for dogs in my area, then In March this year I took the leap and quit my job of 5 years in Hospitality management and pursued dog walking full time. So far it’s been the best decision I have EVER made and beats working with people 🙌🏼

What type of services do you offer?

- Group walks
- Solo walks
- Drop in visits
- Dog sitting

What does your day to day schedule look like?

I start my day by feeding my two dogs and getting them ready for an early morning walk, I choose to walk them solo so they still have some 1-1 time with myself. I then start walks at around 9:45 with solo walks then this is normally followed by 2 group walks one at 1130 and the other at 1415 , because it is still daylight later on I currently offer an evening walk too for owners who work shifts. There’s always some time spare in-between all the zoomies for me to take a trip to go and get a coffee. At the end of the day I ensure everything is cleaned down from the day and then have lots of cuddles with my two doggos… I do try and drag myself to the gym in the evening but sometimes I’d just rather chill and binge a Netflix series 🤣

Tell us your must haves when walking? 

Treats, treats and more treats. Also lots of poo bags , squeaky balls , long lines, spare leads , water LOTS OF , lots of bowls , phone charger , spare jacket to be ready for the rain, spare socks … if you know you know.


Whats the best part of your job? 

Being with the dogs everyday and also seeing how the dogs grow up whilst with me, seeing all of their individual characteristics develop is amazing!

And the worst part? 

Traffic and unpredictable weather!

If you weren't a dog walker, what would you be doing?

A canine behaviourist or a vet (but I’m not clever enough to be a vet hahaa)

Find Sophie on Social:
Instagram: @Sophiespawsleeds
Facebook: Sophie’s Paws Leeds
TikTok: Sophiespawsleeds

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