Responsible Retailing | Eco Friendly Pet Supplies

OLLYBYSO Responsible Retailing for pets, people & the planet

I understand that dog accessories and the pet supplies industry will always have an impact on the environment but I am working hard from the off set of OLLYBYSO to reduce our impact as much as possible.


eco friendly, pet supplies

Here are some steps I have already made and what OLLYBYSO are currently working on.


sustainability actions already taken

  • Over 90% of orders are dispatched in plastic free packaging


  • Any mailing bags used are made from 100% recycled plastic


  • We have ensured tags & labelling are attached using cotton rather than plastic


  • We do and will continue to always place small production runs to ensure we are selling through all of our stock


  • We transitioned to paperless returns & encourage you to reuse the same packaging where possible


  • We pride ourselves on designing high quality, versatile unisex items that can be used over and over. So we are asking our customers to buy less & use their OLLYBYSO purchases more regularly :)


sustainability actions we are working on

  • We will add more UK factories to our supply base to reduce our carbon footprint


  • We are working with our factories to make sure they are fully audited and have put together an extensive supplier manual to ensure we are manufacturing ethically


  • We are aiming to work with zero waste factories to support the movement towards a circular pet supplies industry


  • We will change the free waste bags inside every pouch dispenser to eco friendly biodegradable waste bags by the end of 2021


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OLLYBYSO eco ethos and sustainable practises led us to create a group where you can buy sell and share pre loved OLLYBYSO product. ♻️ Recycle grown up pupwear, buy less and reduce your carbon paw print... 🐾
A group for all OLLYBYSO pups & owners to re-use & re-sell there no longer wanted items! Why not give back from your 'grown up' puppy.. or find a perfectly good condition hand me down! 🐶
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With our OLLYBYSO eco ethos, as a pet brand, we want to see our product being recycled as and where it can be ♻️
Why buy new when a grown up pup could be giving it away!?
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