Designed for outdoor adventure, beyond a brand we believe OLLYBYSO is a lifestyle, a lifestyle that includes exploring the great outdoors with our four legged companions. Believing this should be enjoyed using long lasting comfortable dog wear that has been developed with a focus on functionality & durability. With sustainability at the forefront of decision making.

OLLYBYSO aim to provide comfortable harnesses for everyday wear & further afield adventure.

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Launched in December 2020, OLLYBYSO is quickly growing an online presence in the dog world as well as becoming popular among pet stores across England, UK.

The business started from scratch completely unknown to anyone and is gradually building brand awareness from industry experience, market research and a genuine love for good dog gear!

With products tested on both the public and in-house team for style, technical ability and comfort, ensuring everything from a simple dog harness to endurance dog wear are made and finished with thought, care, and attention to detail.

The brand is working towards offering practical solutions for every dog and with time, the brand's extensive research and development of product lines will reflect this process.

Sold in over 24 countries from a small warehouse based in County Durham, the brand's growth continues...



“With a degree in Fashion and my last job title as a Digital Marketing Manager, I was building a career in an all round Marketing role for online brands. I was made redundant at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic so after gaining 6 years industry experience in the world of eCommerce, I decided to combine experience and interest to tap into a new sector...

My industry experience has meant living and working across the country throughout my 20s, from London to Manchester with numerous cities in-between, working for leading online fashion names, beauty brands and home furnishing websites, left me thinking the pet space was a new exciting sector to get involved and apply my experience and creativity, plus I could settle back in my hometown!

I started OLLYBYSO LTD alongside a full time job and after 6 months of the business being live I was able to make it my only job. Allowing more time to understand the brand's audience, concentrate on product development and work towards scaling the brand in its early years.

I have been lucky enough to take Otis, my Frenchie to work offices with me every day since bringing him home 3 years ago, safe to say he's had his paw in the industry for a while too... & he continues to be by my side with OLLYBYSO" 





Responsible retailing for our pets, people & our planet is important. While understanding the pet sector will always have an impact on the environment, OLLYBYSO have worked from the offset to reduce their impact as much as possible.

While aiming to be a part of the slow fashion movement and avoid the quick turnover of fast fashion in the pet space, OLLYBYSO will produce quality, all season and long lasting products. The brand doesn't want or need to sell products at a quick speed. The production process currently in place carefully considers the seasons ahead to avoid fast fashion in the pet accessory industry.

We encourage recycling unwanted items within our own Facebook Marketplace.