Waypoints with Otis & Samantha

Waypoints with Otis & Samantha

ūüďćWhat are Waypoints?¬†A waypoint is a point of reference that can be used for location and navigation.¬†A place or point on your trail, hike, walk or journey to wherever you are heading.¬†
Every adventure tells a different story when you have a dog by your side, those significant places you keep revisiting hold memories and feelings, beyond points of reference and navigation... Why do we want to share them? It's no secret OLLYBYSO love to see what owners and their dogs get up to, the places you visit, the adventures you are on, the directions you take and the pit stops make.
We think exploring the outdoors with a four legged companion is something special, returning to their favourite sniffing spot or being out in the open where they find pure happiness being free. 

Derwentwater, Lake District - Samantha & Otis

A trip to the Lake District, spending a few hours at Derwentwater where Otis attempted paddle boarding for the second time (all the gear no idea) followed by a walk into Keswick.

Considering it was only his second time, he did do really well. His balance on the board was really good, he didn't seem bothered about the rocking motion, he was too busy focusing on how close to the edge he of board he could get! Luckily he can swim and with his life jacket, it made it pretty easy to hitch him back up on top of the board! 


Point of interest: Millennium Stone

While at Derwentwater we found the Millennium Stone, this beautiful stone lies on the eastern shore of Derwentwater, located by the lake at Broomhill Point. We've passed this boulder once before but the shore was in so that time it was laid within the lakeside. You can see by the photo we actually got to see it properly this visit!


As we headed back to the van leaving Kewisck, we had to stop to say hello to Max!

Point of interest: Max the Miracle Dog 

A statue of 13-year-old spaniel Max, Keswick's most famous canine resident, a therapy dog who was given the animal equivalent of an OBE has been immortalised in bronze.

max the miracle dog
Passing through Strandshag Bay on the way home, I took this photo of Otis... The summit in the background is a Wainwright; Catbells, a small but challenging fell - I took Otis up to the top earlier this year! Seeing the hills you've climbed from the ground, knowing you've been to the trig point at the top is a rewarding feeling, Otis obviously had no idea... 
And thats our visit to the lakes for a paddle over until next time! We headed back with one very tired French Bulldog! He's now recharging until his next SUP outing.
Samantha & Otis