Helping Dogs on Hot Days

Helping Dogs on Hot Days

It's that time of year again, summer is here! And with temperatures in the UK predicted to be higher than we've ever experienced before, we need to take that extra bit of care in keeping our canines cool! 

While we would love to enjoy the sunshine with our 4 legged friends, we need to keep them comfortable and ensure they don't overheat. It's important for all dog owners to be educated on the signs of heatstroke to help our best friends if needed. 

There are lots of ways to keep them cool on hot days and here are our top faves!

Before we start, it's important to check the temperature is bearable for your dog and comfortable for them to play outdoors, a great way to check this is to place the back of your hand on the pavement, if you can't hold it for more than 5 seconds, then it's took hot for your dogs paws! Keeping an eye on your dogs breathing, panting or any drooling is also a sign your dog may be finding it too hot.

  • Swimming 
  • Ice Cubes
  • Frozen Chew Toys
  • Cooling Mats 
  • Elevated Beds
  • Hose Pipe Fun 
  • Paddling Pools

Top Tip: 

Freeze a water bowl before filling with fresh water, this will keep your dogs water cold for longer. 

Some must haves to consider:

  •  sun cream for dogs 
  • extra water bowls 




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