How do I wash my dog harness?


OLLYBYSO range of Simple Adjustable harnesses are made with high grade neoprene and mesh lining.

Please do not brush the material to get rid of any built up dirt, this may damage the material.

If you need to wash the harness, we would advise using a gentle soap detergent or even better, a dog shampoo to clean any areas of the harness. Simply do this with a damp cloth after soaking the surface area.

The harnesses can be machine washed, we advise doing this on a very short spin on a low temperature, this will avoid colour fading. We also strongly advise placing any items with hard wear inside an old pillow case, you can knot the pillow case to contain the items and avoid any potential damage inside the machine.

Please try hand washing first.

  • Don't place your harness, lead and collars in the tumble dryer as this may damage the materials
  • If you do decide to wash your harness in the washing machine, place it inside an old pillow case and tie a knot to protect both your machine and harness.


We are always reposting customer's before and after photos and videos on Instagram, we even made a highlight! Be sure to check them out to see just how clean our harnesses and dog accessories come up!

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