The truth about Nutmeg | Is it Orange or Red?

The truth about Nutmeg | Is it Orange or Red?

Nutmeg at OLLYBYSO - The Colour Changing Dog Harness!

I get tagged in so many cute photos of dogs rocking the Nutmeg harness, a design I thought was just a simple red with a terrazzo inspired detail added on top...

I wasn't aware this harness was going to appear different in certain lighting, let alone dramatically change so much with filtering and individual editing, this was never planned.

Although I can 100% can confirm it has been the hardest product to take photos of and maintain, I have let you guys help showcase the colour with your own photos which I am forever sharing. I now describe Nutmeg as a Red with Orange undertones.

After designing and putting Nutmeg into production, I later realised, the layer of colours I had used previously to test different shades had never been removed from my file, my digital file I was working on before sending to test printing. I give the 'ok' to test prints based on a sample piece of fabric which for this one, I give the 'ok' via a photograph of the fabric sent to my phone.

nutmeg dog harness ollybyso

Production takes months and throughout the entire time the penny didn't drop that I had accidentally left an orange tinted almost transparent layer of colouring over the digital design and this design was been made into hundreds of products...

When the comments "Wow this changes colour, actually, does this change colour? What colour do you see, what colour is this!? This isn't pink is it!?" started going through my mind and I started seeing more and more comments on social media about the colour, I digged the file out just to double check on my screen it was red? I then realised the final image was a test image! 

A very creative mistake that actually turned out well? Maybe better than the original file! It's a clever technique discovered which I have come to LOVE! ❤️️🧡

I know many of us have had fun playing with this colour on our pups! Thank you to everyone who has shared photos of Nutmeg, I love seeing what colour you make it! If you haven't already got the Nutmeg design in your pawdrobe, it's definitely not one to miss! All harness sizes will be restocked later this year and the lead is restocked end of May 2021 😊

Thank you for supporting OLLYBYSO, Samantha x

dog harness, ollybyso

Photo credit: @simbashepthecocker



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