OLLYBYSO Packaging

OLLYBYSO Packaging

Hey Pups & Pawrents,

I wanted to share why our packaging is 'eco friendly' and how the plastic free journey for us is going! No more confusing words or eco buzzwords. Read about our journey of ensuring sustainable packaging to align with our goals as a brand. 

Whilst trying to reduce our carbon paw print in line for what we stand for, we have made environmentally conscious choices with the type of packing we use day in day out. 

Choosing to purchase from Ollybyso means your order will be sent from our local post office in a package that meets the following eco properties before landing on your doorstep:



  • Biodegradable when exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes this product our packing will break down to natural elements found in nature


  • Inks we don't print on our packaging or have any fancy designs (yet) however we do use printed tissue paper. We use an ink that is made of a soy or vegetable oil rather than a petroleum.


  • Vegan no animals were hurt in the manufacturing of any packaging.


  • Compostable disintegrating into natural elements while in a specific environment, leaving no toxicity in the soil.


Manufacturing & Suppliers

  • Sustainable manufacturing created in a factory that sources its energy from renewable sources. 


  • Local Fabrication centrally located supplier or multiple manufactures, meaning freight emissions and transit costs are cut.



  • Multiple Use our boxes can be reused after fulfilling its original purpose, you could re use to securely send post again.


  • Recyclable can be broken down and used as an ingredient for a new material.



Where we stand, we align with all of the above points, we are currently providing 99% plastic free packaging. However, at the moment we use small plastic envelopes to attached shipping addresses on the orders. 

Goal, as the business grows we can improve out postal stickers and use paper based shipment stickers. We will get there soon! :) 


Let me know your thoughts! Does this matter to you? 

Thank you so much for reading, Samantha x


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