How to protect dog paws on rough grounds

How to protect dog paws on rough grounds

It's super important to try and protect your dogs paws while hiking, or on any kind of adventure where there may be rough terrain. Protecting their paws is no light matter, they can be a really painful area causing discomfort for your dog, not to mention costly vet bills but there are ways we can help our furry friends out so we can continue to adventure together. 

Although adult dogs paws are generally tougher than the souls of our feet, they are susceptible to things like bruises, scrapes, cuts, blisters, splinters and a range of other injuries just like us humans.

The most important aspects to caring for their paws is prevention so lets consider the below:

  • Use dog boots or paw wax
  • Toughen up their paws in general by walking regularly 
  • Keep up a care routine where you can consistently check the health of their paws
  • Keep nails trimmed 
  • Use dog shoes / boots
  • Paw Balm - one that acts as a barrier 
  • Avoid harsh conditions
  • Nightly inspection - after each walk on rough terrain
  • Use appropriate harness handle gear or short leads for un certain areas to help guide them 

Common sense plays a huge part in helping protect your dog in general, if the ground would hurt your feet then it is likely to cause some pain to your dog too.

Hopefully some of these points can be considered and no doubt dog will enjoy the adventures even more!



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