Dog Harness with Handle No Pull Dog Harness

Dog Harness with Handle No Pull Dog Harness

After introducing our new Escapade Dog Harness and our new FIT Harness, the handle on the dog harnesses have been a real success!

We asked a number of our customers what they thought the benefits of using a harness with a handle were whilst on their dog walks and dog adventures, here is what we found! 

- On larger dogs its great to hold the dog at a road side before crossing. Holding the dog harness by the handle enables control and keeps the dog safe

- The best invention to pick up muddy or wet smaller dogs to lift into the car or over fences on dog walking adventures!

- The handle on the dog harness allows the owner to help any size dog on tough trails or uneven grounds.

- Dog Harness with a handle gives the owner extra reassurance if/ and when needed to grab the dog. 

- A great feature to have when socialising multiple dogs 

Are you looking to shop a dog harness with a handle? We offer two ranges of dog harnesses with this handle feature, you can shop our Escapade Dog Harness here or our FIT Dog Harness here

Our Escapade harness is also one of our No Pull Dog Harness styles, with the added feature of the lead attachment on the chest and back of the dog harness.




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